Our in-house video team has years of experience and uses cutting-edge technology to create videos appropriate for every platform, including websites, social media, crowdsourcing projects and more. Our team is lean and efficient, just the right mix of talent to maximize your spend and bring your brand to life.

We're available to shoot in-house or on location and are well-versed in all types of video, from planned studio shoots to documentary-style live events. Our full-service team can provide all your video needs, including writing, producing, videography, editing and post-production. We also offer voice talent services as needed.

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Twin Cities-based fitness studio Alchemy offers a unique combination of some of the most effective forms of yoga, strength and cardiovascular training. We've worked with them on a wide range of video projects, from a successful Kickstarter video to their comprehensive About Us video, along with dozens of individual exercise videos as they work to build an online presence and expand nationwide.

Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education approached us with a request to create a video that would resonate with their core audience: parents and families. We wrote, designed and edited the video in-house from start to finish, using custom voice talent and whimsical motion graphics to highlight the benefits of the program.

Lunds & Byerlys

As Midwest grocery chain Lunds & Byerlys looks to grow their online presence, we have helped them to create a diverse portfolio of distinctive recipe videos. Our work not only includes content planning, recipe development and in-house video production, but we also prepare every recipe in our studio kitchen – no fake food here!

Ryder Cup

"It was a pleasure to work with Emily and Matt from Ideapark, through all stages of the video. Planning, interviews, a week of shooting and follow-up were all wonderful experiences. They did an amazing job of making our vision a reality!" - Chris Tritabaugh, Superintendent, Hazeltine National Golf Club

Stunt Puppy

Minnesota pet retailer Stunt Puppy™ designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of proprietary pet gear, from collars and leashes to ID tags and jackets. When it comes to their product videos, it's all about telling a story. Whether we're scouting the perfect location or finding the best four-legged talent, our goal is to bring the products off the webpage and into real life, enabling consumers to connect with the brand and visualize themselves in the story.

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